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Isa Melsheimer

Press release

Isa Melsheimer – False Ruins And Lost Innocence

Esther Schipper is pleased to present Isa Melsheimer’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled false ruins and lost innocence, the exhibition includes three large-scale ceramics, textile works, and a suite of gouaches. 

Known for her engagement with the history of architectural styles, Isa Melsheimer’s works are expressions of her intense research as well as formal investigations. The artist, whose work engages with modernist, postmodernist, and brutalist aesthetics, has in recent years increasingly introduced organic elements into the buildings, infused by her reading of post-human theoretical debates, as well as her engagement with Metabolist architecture, a movement originating in 1960s Japan. Isa Melsheimer’s works carry their far-reaching associations lightly: personal, literary, historical, philosophical, architectural references are resolved in an intense materiality.