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Basim Magdy

Press release

Basim Magdy – Renegade Dreams Hanging From The Clouds

König Galerie is excited to present the first solo exhibition of Basim Magdy in St. Agnes. Eight works on canvas as well as a video work will be shown at the Chapel.

In Basim Magdy’s film New Acid, the animals communicate with each other via text message, just like people. The lemurs plan their exit from the animal kingdom; a pensive sea lion contemplates the immateriality of Bitcoins; and close by, a hippopotamus monologises about weight complexes. At first sight, New Acid seems to be about humour and banality, but clearly the film soon enters the realms of more pressing issues: nationalism, racism, social hierarchies. Basim Magdy sets out to visualise our usual communication structures and show that all forms of society, no matter how open they may seem, are guided by similar structures and power relations.