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Katharina Grosse

Press release

Katharina Grosse – At 30 Paces She Could Split A Playing Card

It is with great pleasure that König Galerie presents At 30 Paces She Could Split A Playing Card, an exhibition featuring new works by Katharina Grosse in the Nave of St. Agnes. It is the artist’s third solo show in our gallery. On display are new, large-format works on canvas and plywood, which were created in Berlin and New Zealand. 

Katharina Grosse’s painting maintains a position outside the categories of representation and abstraction: it operates in reality and on reality. To this end, it employs a directed haze of tiny droplets of paint so as to leave traces of paint and colour even over a distance and to move with ease across the borders of things. Grosse has stated that painting can precipitate everywhere and anywhere (in the real world) – on any surface and any object that sprayed paint can reach. Thus, places on which painting can be seen function as surfaces for deposits of colour that can also show up elsewhere: every work realized is a fragment. As fragments, the individual paintings establish a connection with yet more expansive painting that would potentially dissolve all the conventional subdivisions of the real world. This painting cannot itself be seen, known, or described – but it is the source from which the colour precipitation derives its being.