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Swimming Pool

Press release

Swimming Pool – Troubled Waters

C& Center of Unfinished Business (Yvette Mutumba, Julia Grosse, Mearg Negusse), Daniel Bozhkov, Nina Canell, Mounir Gouri, Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir, Klara Hobza, Fermín Jiménez Landa, Santiago Mostyn, New Mineral, Collective (Tanya Busse, Emilija Škarnulytė), Sandra Vaka, Ulrich Vogl, Ming Wong, ZEVS

We are all familiar with that languorous, light, sun-drenched feeling when the water glistens around our feet in a deep blue pool ... We are all familiar with it? The exhibition Swimming Pool - Troubled Waters is about clichéd images and exclusion, drawing on a multitude of associations around the "swimming pool" theme, and the diverse and lasting experiences of cloudiness affecting water and our relationships with it. In this way, the exhibition focuses on vital discussion about class barriers and mechanisms of exclusion in Europe and globally–caused by current migratory movements, among other things. References from film history, current artistic works, and an open exhibition architecture dedicated to research, developed in collaboration with the C& Center of Unfinished Business, attempt to sound out the gradual infiltration of the issues of inclusion and exclusion into the awareness of the affluent society.