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Daniel Hauptmann

Press release

Daniel Hauptmann – Salz & Pfeffer

What is a panel painting and where are its limits? When does a painter become a sculptor? Or vice versa? And does the picture only pretend to be a picture? The works of Daniel Hauptmann (*1980 in Hamburg) raise questions about the perception of authenticity, artificiality and imitations. His works, mostly made of materials such as styrodur and fiberglass, play with our patterns of perception, with everyday objects and materials, but also raise the question of what constitutes a panel painting and painting in general.
Hauptmann's works are hybrid, material meshes that appear like imprints, fragments, carvings or visual interpretations of natural phenomena such as fossils, plants, woods or sounds. Based on digital cell phone drawings, the images of the new series of works are reduced, both in composition and in the style, which is less expressive but more deliberate and minimalist. The focus is increasingly on the line, which in some pictures stands out from the supposed canvas like a worm or an enlarged microbe, forcing its way into the room in monochrome camouflage.