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Amélie Laurence Fortin | Ingrid Lønningdal | Eric Schumacher | Lauryn Youden | Johanna Terhechte

Press release

Amélie Laurence Fortin – Sunburst

Amélie Laurence Fortin’s exhibition SUNBURST at Künstlerhaus Bethanien is the result of a months-long experiment with solar energy. Durign this time, using nothing but a length of red foil and objects, she could find in the kitchen, the artist staged a solitary performance, playing with the beams of light that entered through a skylight into the attic room of an undisclosed apartment—eventually returning with a camera to produce the video piece displayed in Sunburst.

Ingrid Lønningdal – Edges

Encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, text, and textiles, Ingrid Lønningdal’s practice, according to the artist, “seeks to provide an understanding of the spaces we inhabit.” Often using architecture as a starting point, many of her works are the result of detailed building studies conducted in her native Norway and abroad. 

Eric Schumacher – Come High Go Low

Using visual and thematic research as a starting point, Eric Schumacher’s sculptural installations reflect his interest in public space and human activity within it. Rather than commenting directly on these mostly urban environments, Schumacher uses them as “visual or emotional input” for his sculpture-based practice, which often utilizes cheap and easily accessible materials such as cardboard, polystyrene, paper and MDF, as well as found or discarded items. Working intuitively and with characteristic humor and wit, he assembles and reassembles these individual items within the exhibition space with the aim of creating dynamic relationships between them.

Lauryn Youden – Visionary of Knives

At the center of Lauryn Youden’s exhibition are two wall-mounted altars, each measuring just under four meters long. Filled with dried flowers, medicine, herbs, books, candles, and ritual-based objects, the content of these altars documents the survival strategies she has developed to navigate an ableist world. Visionary of Knives is a space of retreat and rest but also education and protest. Originally conceived as a meeting place for a queer Crip community, it has become a place of absence due to Covid-19, mirroring the physical isolation often experienced by people with disabilities.

Johanna Terhechte – You Give It An Order 

The centerpiece of Johanna Terhechte’s exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien is an image of one disembodied hand passing a piece of a paper to another. “Paper is the most two-dimensional thing I can think of,” the artist explains, “but by being handed to someone else it suddenly becomes something completely different.” It’s this fascination with perspective that drives all of Terhechte’s recent works, whether photography, video, or sculpture.