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Tobias Zielony

Press release

Tobias Zielony – Hurd's Bank & The Undead

KOW presents two new films by Tobias Zielony.

Hurd’s Bank (2019) was commissioned by the art space Blitz Valetta in Malta. The 14-minute film deals with the smuggling of oil on the Maltese coast, the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and the question of what we can discover about these events.

Die Untoten (The Undead, 2020) was produced by Tobias Zielony for the public art project Gegenwarten in Chemnitz. In the style of a short B-movie, Zielony stages a violent showdown between two disgustingly dull zombies and two noble martial arts heroes dressed in slim blue onesies who finally break the neck of their opponents.