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Sylvia Fessa

Press release

Sylvia Fessa – The Body As A Body Is 

How close, impermeable and insulated are actually the living bodies? The work emerged from reflecting on—and unavoidably challenging—certainties, such as closedness, entrenchment and security and suggests rather neglected qualities of the body inherent in living beings, such as incompleteness, permeability and openness to the environment, as well as their interdependence from other living beings and the unpredictability life entails. The work draws on Mikhail Bakhtin's conceptualization of the Grotesque as a body open to its environment, constantly changing and unfinished—in other words imperfect—providing an alternative to more or less implicit preconceptions of the body as a closed and perfect entity; such preconceptions have significantly contributed to the social and scientific handling of the body through centuries.