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Press release


Christiane Ainsley, Vivian Ammerlaan, Joan van Barneveld, Karin Beyens, Paul Corvers, Hadassah Emmerich, Toussaint Essers, Karen Foss, John Francis, Madlen Herrström, Hella van ’t Hof, René Korten, Elfie Kristiana, Erwin van Krey, Annika Lochtman, George Meertens, Ulla Pedersen, Benyamin Perry, Jan van der Ploeg, Anne Roorda, Steffen Schiemann, Erica Scheper, Aimée Terburg, Chris Vanderschaeghe and Witte Wartena

Zwischenräume is a group exhibition that brings twenty-five artists from six different countries together. The exhibition takes its inspiration from French philosopher Olivier Remaud‘s essay Voluntary Solitude that is circling around the art of being alone. What are we looking for in solitude? “Zwischenräume” invites the viewers to question their own desire for loneliness and seek a silent dialogue with oneself. The often uncanny, yet dreamy artworks frame the experience of self-inflicted isolation. An initiative of the non for profit art foundation Debysaysyes (NL).

Curated by Berlin based art historian Cigdem Caglayan.