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... aber nur zuschaun tut richtig weh.

Press release

... aber nur zuschaun tut richtig weh. (... but it really hurts to just watch.)

Claus Böhmler, Sunah Choi, Ayşe Erkmen, Ceal Floyer, Jarosław Kozłowski, Alicja Kwade, Olaf Metzel, Christine Moldrickx, Navid Nuur, Mariana Vassileva

The team of Edition Block is pleased to announce the new collection of multiples by ten international artists.
Claus Böhmler's (1939 - 2017) three-hour video work Record Archive on Videotape from 1987 is finally available as a DVD edition. Two editions by the Korean artist Sunah Choi have their premiere with us: The free-hanging sculpture Caro (2020) was created in nine copies (with three variations). Her series of seven photograms is compiled in a portfolio under the name Camou (2020). With Ayşe Erkmen we are releasing the smallest sculpture ever presented at the Skulpturenpark in Cologne, Lonesome George (2020), as a multiple object in seven copies. Ceal Floyer also produced seven copies of her first object for Edition Block, A4 (Reconnected) (2020). One of the most strained clichés of our time, "political correct", has been lovingly embroidered by Jarosław Kozłowski as a Slogan (1999/2020) on canvas. Our most recent collaboration with Alicja Kwade resulted in the poetic object Nachts (2020), which comes framed and in a cassette. Olaf Metzel contributes the partially reissued metal folds Die die Die (Dieter Roth) (2011/2019) and Warhol (2019) to this year's edition program, and the new Papierkorb (2019). New to Edition Block’s program are Christine Moldrickx and Navid Nuur. From Christine Moldrickx we edited an object to be installed by the owner himself (Threads, 2020), and with Spion (2020) a charcoal drawing with collage. Navid Nuur is introduced with the hand-forged, powder-coated metal drawing Untitled (Post Holocene) (2020), which seems to emerge from a four-color ballpoint pen. Still largely unknown is the photographic work of Mariana Vassileva. With Highway Dream (2014/2020) and The Big Puddle (2013/2020) we are opening a series of photographic editions that will expand the program of Edition Block.