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Omer Halperin

Press release

Omer Halperin – Internal Curl

Free Indirect Figuration – On Omer Halperin
The acute psychologization of Omer Halperin’s charcoals – black and white depictions of individuals – stems from their achieving something that can be described as a free indirect figuration. Hers are not portraits in a conventional sense which maintains a clear delineation between figure and ground, subject and object. Of course there is a playing of faces and hands, of hair and of the cloudlike stroke of charcoal, with its intimations of moodiness and vaporousness. Yet in her works, she achieves a sense of intimacy and estrangement that is irreducible to voyeurism.. I propose that what she is expressing is, with remarkably clarity, a kind of grammar of the visual. A grammar that allows for the chance and determinate encounter with individual character, which sets up the conditions for its own depiction. Here it is: a free indirect figuration.
— Pablo Larios