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Elliott Jamal Robbins

Press release

Elliott Jamal Robbins – The Immaterial and the Flesh

The Immaterial and the Flesh marks the first solo exhibition with Elliott Jamal Robbins at Nagel Draxler Kabinett, and the first solo exhibition for the artist outside of the United States of America. Robbins, born 1988 in Oklahoma City, lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

Modern religions are built upon the principle that there are two realms in which all humans concurrently occupy. The flesh, and the immaterial. The flesh refers to that which is experiential, physical, sexual, and flawed by its enslavement of the senses, and therefore illusory. Conversely, the Immaterial is associated with the spiritual, non-corporal, transcendental, and intellectual. The exhibition, The Immaterial and the Flesh, is situated in the space in-between this binary, which positions what is corporal and physically experienced in opposition to the imaginary and invisible; between the real and the unreal.