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During the Exhibition

Press release

During the Exhibition

Michael Asher, Robert Barry, Stanley Brouwn, Lucy Lippard, Park Mcarthur, Karin Sander, Franz West, Christopher Williams, Ian Wilson and others

On September 9, 2020, during Berlin Art Week and a good two and a half years after our last exhibition at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, we will inaugurate our new rooms at Strausberger Platz. The former apartment, in which we will primarily show ephemeral and conceptual positions, is located on the 4th floor — 2 floors above the room in which we have already held around 25 exhibitions between 2007 and 2013.

The first project at strausberger platz, curated jointly by Konstantin and Axel Haubrok, is during the exhibition, an exhibition on conceptual exhibition approaches. we will primarily show ephemera from our collection — invitation cards, posters, and various forms of documentation — of conceptual artists such as Michael Asher, Robert Barry, Stanley Brouwn, and Ian Wilson, as well as works by young artists such as Florence Jung and Park McArthur and curatorial positions.