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Shinichi Sawada

Press release

Shinichi Sawada

The filigree ceramic objects by Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada (born 1982) recall fantastic chimera, demonic masks, richly decorated totems, medieval beasts or elaborate Pre-Columbian artefacts – and yet they evidently derive from a world of their own. Covered with pointy thorns, these creatures defy both art historical conventions as well as contemporary market criteria. In their existential primordialness, they demonstrate the artist’s powerful sense of imagination while reflecting the deepest and darkest recesses of human existence. With their wide-open eyes, bared teeth, antenna-like horns and protruding claws, Sawada’s striking beings sometimes make a shy impression, at other times they appear defensive. As a group, they simultaneously form a manifest unit—closely coalescing with each other in formal terms and yet drawing on an overwhelming repertory of possibilities.