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Felicity Hammond

Press release

Felicity Hammond – Remains in Development

Smiling and larger than life, the perfectly styled single woman of the future gazes out at us. Her light-drenched luxury apartment in a glass-fronted skyscraper towers over a futuristic urban panorama. By now, we’ve long grown accustomed to such oversized advertisements and colorful billboards in the public space, to the point where we hardly notice them, at least not consciously. But still, such images cleverly play on our hopes and desires. They promote the glossy opportunities an urban life promises, albeit one that has come to seem suspiciously interchangeable across the world’s metropolises. 

In her work, British artist Felicity Hammond confronts the social, political, and economic contradictions of the postmodern city, whose buildings and façades shape our collective identity and open up a future by obliterating the past. Hammond’s large- scale collages combine found images from glossy real estate brochures with her own photographs. They are reminiscent of apocalyptic historic images, but they never reveal the locations of the places they show or how they relate. Instead, the collages reflect the increasing homogenization of big cities, resulting from a process of urban development steered by power struggles between international real estate companies, profit-driven investors, and gentrification critics.