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Adam Harvey

Press release

Adam Harvey – Face First

The exhibition Face First: Researchers Gone Wild looks at the use of unconstrained and non-consensual data sources in Artificial Intelligence systems. Beginning in 2007 with the "Labeled Faces in the Wild" dataset and continuing throughout 2020, the practice of collecting images "in the wild" has become normalized, but is still largely unregulated and often problematic. Today, dozens of image training datasets with millions of images and identities feed into industrial facial recognition systems with little oversight. The works presented in Face First: Researchers Gone Wild showcase discoveries made during the multi-year research project MegaPixels that investigates image training datasets created "in the wild".

Adam Harvey (US, 1981) is a researcher and artist based in Berlin focused on computer vision, privacy, and image politics. He is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University (2010) and previously studied engineering and photojournalism at the Pennsylvania State University. 
Harvey currently develops VFRAME, a project to provide computer vision tools for human rights researchers and investigative journalists; MegaPixels, a project investigating face recognition training data; Harvey is a research associate at the "Künstliche Intelligenz und Medienphilosophie Programm" at HfG Karlsruhe, a digital research fellow at Weizenbaum Institut and a future fellow with EYEBEAM's Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future.