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Recession Grimace

Press release

Recession Grimace

Lisa Gutscher, Jake Kent, Tanoa Sasraku, Paul Sochacki, Sung Tieu

The second exhibition, entitled Recession Grimace, brings together the work of five artists: Lisa Gutscher, Jake Kent, Tanoa Sasraku, Paul Sochacki and Sung Tieu. Taken from "Cruel Optimism", Laurent Berlant’s study on capitalism and affect, the title refers to an expression, “a new mask,” that appears in the drawn-out moment of realizing that yes, in fact, hope was futile. Berlant’s analysis reflects on the experience of systematic precarity and inequality in late capitalism that has undermined a livable present for most. The now real threat of another recession seems to paradoxically foreclose the possibility of doubling down. The unsustainability of the current system is prohibited from becoming a political reality; instead, the resulting crisis is further individualized and pathologized.