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Press release


Ariella Azoulay, Pauline Curnier Jardin, New Red Order and others

Organized by Anselm Franke

When Columbus statues are toppled by anti-racist protesters in the US and long-overdue debates in Europe about the legacy of colonialism follow suit, the understanding and view of the entire modern era is being put to the test. Errata combines a number of contemporary positions that deal with how these fault lines of the past are collapsing in the present. The title Errata is borrowed from an archival intervention by the theorist and filmmaker Ariella Azoulay, which focuses on the violence of imperial boundary making and the relationship between the order of knowledge of Euro-American museums and the history of imperialism and migration. The video Never Settle by New Red Order presents itself as a recruitment campaign for a secret society that satirizes efforts for white solidarity and the desire for indigenous spirituality. Pauline Curnier Jardin, awarded the Nationalgalerie Prize in 2019, shows studies for a work on power and gender relations in pagan/Catholic rituals and processions. An audiovisual essay with Ryan Smith, Erhard Schüttpelz, Anselm Franke and others deals with ritual resistance and regeneration techniques of the “indestructible paganism” that Aby Warburg, based on his trip to the USA in 1895/96, sought out to take measure of all cultural history, including that of European modernity.