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David Renggli

Press release

David Renggli – SUV Paintings

Under the title SUV Paintings, the artist shows his eponymous latest series of paintings that was just presented to the public for the first time at the museum Villa Merkel in Esslingen. Renggli’s oeuvre, spanning from sculpture and painting to collage, is a witty engagement with the topics of western society as well as a reflexive exploration of art history. In his well-known Desire Paintings, he addresses longings and desires for luxury apartments or a dream vacation in Venice; in his new paintings, he engages with a subject that is quite provocative in today’s society: the SUV. These large luxury cars divide our society and trigger in some people a latent anger. Their armour-like, enclosed appearance gives the impression of a hermetic sense of security. The difference to an open convertible car with its echoes of a sense of freedom could not be greater. The field of tension of the ambivalence between attraction and rejection that is inherent to SUVs, forms the point of departure for Renggli’s new conceptual paintings.