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Mona Ardeleanu

Press release

Mona Ardeleanu – Soft Crush

Patterned fabrics, lace, tassels or furs form the elements from which Mona Ar- deleanu creates mysterious objects. Her works attract the visitor’s eye, the soft fabric evoke warmth, traditional patterns recall memories of the familiar. “Soft Crush” is, on the one hand, the description of a spontaneous attraction and at the same time an expression of the soft materiality of the depicted objects. For the artist, fabrics carry emotions, they create identity as well as uniformity. At the same time, they form the boundary between the inside and the outside, offering protection from the cold or from glances. The patterns and shapes shown create associations with canopies, lanterns and lace doilies. Ardeleanau draws non-hierarchically from European and Asian tradition. Design and handicrafts are important sources of inspiration for her. This is evident in the artful draping, interweaving and intertwining and in the references to handicraft aids such as embroidery or weaving frames.