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Blinde Winkel

Press release

Blinde Winkel

Miia Autio, Cargo Cult, Jürgen Eisenacher, Florian Göttke, Susanne Keichel, Mahony, Su-ran Sichling, Penny Siopis

The exhibition “Blinde Winkel” is devoted to processes and phenomena that tend to be overlooked and mostly remain unquestioned. This means to analyse processes that are intentionally or unintentionally repressed. The two curators Julia Wirxel and Su-Ran Sichling take up a political attitude by choosing works of art that decidedly show dead angles and blind spots. The topics presented range from post / colonialism, specific German or GDR history, and divers racisms to unquestioned botanical designations and their historical contexts.

The collective memory is construed by hegemonial narrations and thus is conceived as „true“. Contrary to this, the works of art mostly strike soft tones and avoid overly obvious messages. Therefore you will see conceptual works of art that, for example, analyse and undermine  first impressions and can be assembled  anew by the viewers.