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Orthodox Abstraction (And Of Course There Was Poetry)

Press release

Orthodox Abstraction (And Of Course There Was Poetry)

Josef Albers, Torsten Andersson, Olle Baertling, Ann Edholm, Marcia Hafif, Georg Herold, Alfred Jensen, Donald Judd, Imi Knoebel, Helen Mirra, Harvey Quaytman, Michael Schmid, Richard Serra, Stanley Whitney

The exhibition brings together the work of 14 artists of different generations, who developed their practices in the context of relatively heterogenous notions of abstraction. Respectively, they share a close relation to the program of Galerie Nordenhake and the majority have exhibited in the gallery, since its founding in 1976. All artists dedicated themselves with rigour and discipline to the exploration of specific aspects of abstraction as both a formal and referential notion. In doing so they developed conceptually different and, in cases, radical approaches, that demonstrate the diversity and inexhaustibility of the geometric idiom.