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Mario García Torres

Press release

Mario García Torres – Flowers and Meteors

neugerriemschneider is pleased to announce Flowers and Meteors, Mario García Torres’ third solo exhibition at the gallery, comprising a new series of conceptual paintings. Set against canvases primed with fluorescent or white paint, each composition consists of four elements arranged in formal balance: a delicate black line drawing, an expressive, gestural swath of color, a stamp indicating the address of Mario García Torres’ studio and the artist’s signature.

These serial paintings by García Torres are intimate transpositions of the artist’s thoughts, employing an explosive painterly vocabulary. The result of a methodical process of “drawing, negating, stamping and signing,” García Torres’ loose figurative drawings of flowers and meteors that lend the exhibition its title are placed behind abstract strokes of dark blue or black felt marker that nearly obscure the images. Stamped in the corner of each canvas is the address of García Torres’ studio in Mexico City. Considered along with the artist’s signature, these elements serve as a playful record of his authorship and a deeper, existential exploration of his role as a painter.

The works About Truth, Certainty and Time (n.d.), A Sense of Failure and Regret (n.d.) and Permutation and Repetition (n.d.) each incorporate a finely rendered line drawing depicting a semi-wilted flower that recalls flowers appearing in previous film works by the artist. The works’ fluorescent backgrounds are reminiscent of the bright yellow streetside advertisements displayed by local businesses in Mexico. Free-Falling (n.d.), Light On The Present (n.d.) and Resistance Towards Spectacularization (n.d.) feature line drawings of meteors trailed by streaks of light after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Each of these works’ titles is an excerpt from a review of García Torres’ work published in recent years. The quotes are art critics’ attempts at describing his work and, when viewed as a whole, shape an ironic, nuanced expression of a mid-career artist’s self-reflection.

Mario García Torres’ practice foregrounds the limitations of memory, the subjectivity of historical records and the conceptual exploration of failure. Plants, flowers and astronomical elements recur throughout his work, and feature here as recollections of imagery. The vocabulary in Flowers and Meteors, though visually evocative of spontaneity at first glance, is ultimately the product of carefully constructed frameworks in which García Torres links diverse concepts and sources, often humorously, to shape an approach that spans and connects elements of sound, sculpture, photography, moving image and performance.

Mario García Torres (b. 1975) has been the subject of international institutional exhibitions, including those at WIELS, Brussels (2019), the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2018), TBA21, Vienna (2016), Museo Tamayo, Mexico City (2016), Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth (2015), Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami (2014), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2014), MADRE Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina, Naples (2013), Project Arts Centre, Dublin (2013), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (2010), Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich (2008) and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2007). He participated in the 13th Sharjah Biennial (2017), Manifesta 11, Zurich (2016), 8th Berlin Biennale (2014), documenta 13 (2012), 29th São Paulo Biennial (2010), 7th Taipei Biennial (2010), Yokohama Triennale (2008) and 52nd Venice Biennale (2007). García Torres lives and works in Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Museo Jumex in Mexico City presents Solo, a project by García Torres (until July 5, 2020). In response to the temporary closure of cultural institutions around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist occupies a vacant gallery in the museum, transforming it into a makeshift studio. A livestream of the space is now on view on the museum’s website.

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