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Señor, Señor, Do You Know Where We’re Headin’?

Press release

Señor, Señor, Do You Know Where We’re Headin’?​

Andrea Marie Breiling, Corey Mason, Jan Pleitner, Daniel Richter, Vivian Suter

Released by Bob Dylan in 1978, the song “Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)” describes a strange situation. In a trance-like state, the narrator travels through a world with no clear direction or exact knowledge of the cause of his constant motion or his destination. Where has he come from? Why is he in this twilight state? Where is his journey heading? These questions about where we come from, why, and where we’re going are not only the central driving force for the humanities and the sciences; these questions are posed again and again in the arts. The five artists in this exhibition demonstrate different approaches and yet in many ways they are united: they are in motion