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Not So A White Cube #18

Press release

Not So A White Cube #18

Nadine Fecht, Peter Freitag, Sammlung Von Foerster, Pierre Granoux, Filip Markiewicz, Beatriz Morales, François Morellet, Matthias Reinmuth, Fiete Stolte, Ties Ten Bosch, Marianne Thoermer, Lawrence Wiener

Curated by Pierre Granoux & Wayra Schübel

To open an exhibition after the lock down as if nothing had happened, as if activity could be re-started without sensitivity for possible consequences of the recent incidents. What sense does that make? 

Thus, the exhibition project DUE TO intends to be an introspection of the last ten years of artistic and curatorial activity, in which artists and their works have gained an immovable place in LAGE EGAL's history.

The point of departure of the exhibition series DUE TO, based on the famous Fibonacci Sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34…) is a group exhibition that is developing in proportional exponentially. DUE TO's inherent concept are numbers, as quote, as interpretations, as manifestation of knowledge, as symbol of development. Numbers and figures lend a reassuring, albeit deceptive, credibility to the supposed certainty and proof of truths. Truth is that we are already in the midst of a post-factual age, and it is precisely for this reason that every numerical view is apparently immune all recurring new doubts.

Lets than reset, again, everything back to zero. The exhibition is an ongoing process, and in the course of the upcoming weeks, new works will be added to enrich the current ensemble.

The shutdown of the cultural industry has raised many questions and created uncertainties. In response to this, DUE TO builds up the exhibit without the expected interactions. Who hosts, who ghosts? Who is an ally, and what is the enemy? And if so, why?

To play with possible answers, everyone is invited to start this playful ongoing process with us.