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Hyelim Cha | Gülsin Ketenci | Talya Lubinsky | Emi Otaguro | Anna Run Tryggvadottir

Press release

Hyelim Cha – Bellows Hill
In her paintings, videos and sculptures, Cha shows non-linear and literary narratives consisting of several levels, which depict a wealth of information from contemporary media. The focus of her work is the individual as an independent being in the information society, as well as the relationship between community, society and the individual as conveyed through our modern media. 

Gülşin Ketenci – WOMEN ATHLETES. Sports Against all Odds
Starting from a decidedly feminist perspective, Gülsin Ketenci develops her own special approaches to the subject matter in all stages of her production process. The main intention of her photographic narratives is to focus on the impact of women in all areas of society and to create public awareness of their work and commitment.

Talya Lubinsky – Marble Dust
Marble Dust is both solid and ephemeral, as are our bones: Lubinsky's work contemplates the material relationship between permanence and disintegration embodied in memorial sites and the landscapes of cemeteries. It is at these places where the ostensibly permanent comes into contact with the ephemerality of the disintegrating body. From this inherent tension the artist poses questions about loss and return, absence and presence. 

Emi Otaguro – Mesa
Emi Otaguro sees similarities between the shape of a sleeping cat and the geographical outline of a mesa, a flat-top mountain, which is also the title of her exhibition. In her first solo show in Germany the artist is presenting drawings on paper napkins, relief-like paintings made out of chewing gum, and photographs of momentary encounters between stray cats’ fur and her chewing gum works. 

Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir – An Ode – poriferal phases
In her space-consuming installations and interventions, Tryggvadottir addresses the friction between the natural and the man-made. She questions the possibility of alternative narratives to the prevailing Western notion of human beings governing the natural world.