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Mohamed Bourouissa

Press release

Mohamed Bourouissa – LINK

Mohamed Bourouissa (*1978 in Blida, Algeria) dedicates his work to the role of the individual within current political, social and economic structures. His multidisciplinary work is based on intensive collaborations and exchanges with groups and individuals, who become both the source and the subject of his photographs, sculptures, installations, drawings and videos. Most often Bourouissa addresses and discusses peripheral places and marginalized groups as a mirror of the state of a society and its understanding of the subject.

With the newly created video work LINK (2019), Bourouissa expands his view to a similarly peripheral space and approaches the tabooed and simultaneously omnipresent practice of virtual sexuality. The semi-documentary work looks at video-chat forums and humanoid latex dolls that not only promise the fulfillment of physical pleasure, but rather become places for projection of and longing for emotional intimacy. Bourouissa discusses the a bivalent relationship between humans and technical things that insistently surround us, and raises the question of whether and in what extent physical-emotional experience today shifts to an immaterial as well as anonymous sphere.