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Tursic & Mille

Press release

Tursic & Mille – Advertisement For A Better World

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Advertisement For A Better World with new works by Tursic & Mille at Goethestraße 45.

“Painting cannot be a fxed and patented gesture. It must be alive, refexive, in perpetual motion. Painting must be open to all the potentials ofered by its practice. Painting must be opportunistic and must keep self-awareness.” – Tursic & Mille

The work of artist duo Tursic & Mille expresses a deep engagement with today's forms of image representation and a sustained interest in what the medium of painting can be today. The artists bring together an awareness of art history with a wide spectrum of anonymous imagery, including flm scenes, pornography, fowers, landscapes, and animals, which they collect from various media. Often alienated by overlapping layers of paint or interrupted by abstract patterns their paintings and sculptures deal with the manipulation, re-utilisation and disappearance of images, especially in the current age of endless visual data replication.

In their second solo exhibition at Galerie Max Hetzler Berlin, Tursic & Mille present a selection of new canvases and cut out wood sculptures as well as an almost 17 m long installation, hung in several connected parts along the back wall of the gallery space. These new works combine fgures found in 1950s advertisements, praising alcohol and tobacco, with elements from landscape painting, food or precisely portrayed dog breeds, irregularly layered by vivid abstract dashes and twirls. The artists delve into the overload of images circulating through present media, transforming and recycling the collected into the traditional medium of painting.

"Every technique is there, every possible touch, every style, sometimes on one and the same canvas, every conceivable manner of painting, and every angle. Every genre, too: portrait, landscape, abstraction, geometric shapes, optical experiments. These artists' canvases summon up the history of painting, but in a discreet way, the whole past of painting in all its forms, and they bring it into our present, the present of the Internet, where they fnd their image market, the market of flm, advertising, and fashion magazines." (Virginie Vuillaume, 2011)
Tursic & Mille, Uncertainty For The Future Under A Saucepan Red Moon, 2014/2019

Ida Tursic (*1974 in Belgrade) and Wilfried Mille (*1974 in Boulogne- sur-mer)live and work in the South of France.