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Tjorg Douglas Beer

Press release

Tjorg Douglas Beer – Under the Octopus Tree

Grzegorzki Shows Berlin presents new works by the German artist Tjorg Douglas Beer, who works in various fields and creates collages, paintings, and sculptures. The exhibition title, Under the Octopus Tree, is a reference to the artist’s interest in escape scenarios: since 2019, Beer has spent a lot of time in Greece, and the Octopus Tree is a synonym for the fantasma of utopian life. Beer generates his work from life experiences rather than from a conceptual point of view. In his paintings, he mixes ink, markers, lacquer, acrylic, oil paint, and oil stick and develops arrangements and sceneries out of the process of painting. As a result, faces and figures appear from the transition of overlapping colors. These figures are preserved and then arranged in fragmented scenarios that could be landscapes, interiors, or sculptures. Unfinished figures, squares, and color transitions lead to collage-like paintings.
In the exhibition, Beer also shows ceramic sculptures made in collaboration with a Greek ceramist. After the series of figure paintings, Beer has developed a more technical form of figures and heads in the ceramic works. Here, the shapes also resemble rockets and bombs: a symbiosis of human and thing. These sculptures are then stamped with various objects from the artist’s studio. Describing his work, Beer says: “Some people write songs. I make things.”