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Aline Bouvy | Peter Flemming | Fermín Jiménez Landa | Kaja Leijon | Hajime Mizutani

Press release

Aline Bouvy – PUP
In her exhibition PUP, Aline Bouvy simulates a public square, a promenade for the public and a place that is not clearly situated in the present. Bouvy likes to surprise and unsettle her audience.

Peter Flemming – Sour Bodies + Low Places
“A primary goal I have as an artist is to construct complex systems that I do not fully understand, with behaviours I cannot fully predict; with the intention of attempting to understand them”. (Peter Flemming)

Fermín Jiménez Landa – No dogs bark.
A missing island, a country that is crossed swimming from pool to pool, a motorbike ride into nowhere, strange whatsapps, palms and ants join together in Jiménez Landa's installation, the individual works of which are interrelating in their meanings.

Kaja Leijon – I was looking back to see / If you were looking back at me / to see me looking back at you
Kaja Leijon presents a series of new works created during her stay in Berlin, in which she thematizes the motif of the bird of prey (eagle/ falcon/ hawk), which she repeatedly encountered in many forms during her stay in Germany.

Hajime Mizutani – Behavior as Nature
In his exhibition Behavior as Nature, Hajime Mizutani presents two spatial installations that invite the audience to contempletation and to a more conscious experience of time and space.