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Nika Radic & Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson

Press release

Nika Radić & Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson – Future

The tête show during the Berlin Art Week shows two new works by Nika Radić and the artist duo Crowe and Rawlinson that both, in different ways, question possible futures and how we can imagine them.

Nika Radić's video „Your Future“ is the result of her recent research in hypnosis. The work addresses the viewers directly, it talks to them in the way a hypnotist would and encourages them to imagine a future they would want to happen. The hypnotic speech is used as the narrative structure of the video and it uses suggestion in order to create the content that is individual from one viewer to another. Radić will also be available for individual hypnosis sessions for visitors who want to be hypnotised into seeing their own version of the future (by appointment). 

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson are showing a sculptural work „Remaining Logs“. The work takes the form of a partially extant herring-bone floor made from scrap paper and straw briquettes. Taking detritus materials of contemporary consumption, the work nonetheless presents an elegant facade and reforms these waste products into a totem of urban sophistication. In its fragmentary form the work also seems to suggest that this recycled totem may itself have become subject to a secondary consumption.