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Peter Voss-Knude

Press release

Peter Voss-Knude – The Language of Terror is Terror Itself |  The Terror of Language is Terror Itself | The Terror of Terror is Language Itself

In the exhibition at Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Voss-Knude focuses on the use of language in a document called "KRISØV17" ("Crisis Exercise 2017") that he has, as a result of his above mentioned project, gained access to. The text is a narrative written for a national military exercise, wherein Denmark is hit by a fictive, multilateral terrorist attack. The works in the exhibition are all developed as a critical reaction to this narrative; many of them spread as text fragments all around the exhibition space. The artist suggests that by discovering this special document, which he also translated (DK/ENG), as well as the way we talk about terror, is part of creating terror. The three languages of terror criticized in the exhibition are the news media language, the architectural measures of protection, as well as popular prejudiced imaginations like "KRISØV17."