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Mathew Hale

Press release

Mathew Hale – Growth

“As I dismantled my studio in Los Angeles two months ago, I realized that the two largest conglomerations of material pinned to the walls shared a common denominator: growth.”

2321 words, 1735 days, 557 numbered tags, 131 annotated sheets, two entwined studios, one final resting place shaded by a sapling—emerging slowly, visible only from a temporal remove. Mathew Hale’s new exhibition in Berlin transposes a six-year calendar recording the dates on which he inadvertently photographed the growth of a bush, alongside reconstituted research fragments for his essay, The Origin of the Work: On Two New Paintings by Julie Mehretu (2019), onto the three pinboard walls of P!. Accompanied by a series of 557 photographs and nine related collages, GROWTH extends his five years in another city, counting out an ongoing process of change, demise, and renewal.

Mathew Hale (b. 1962, Wiltshire, GB) is an artist based in Berlin and Los Angeles.