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Bernhard Martin

Press release

Bernhard Martin – Disconnected Truth

In DISCONNECTED TRUTHS, Bernhard Martin presents pictures snatched from the maelstrom of the spirit of our age. Below, above, yesterday, tomorrow no longer signify. Martin paints the now like it’s never been painted before.#InYourFaceBitch.

We see heaven and hell in color gradients. The toupeed dickhead surrounded by a mountain of files, the praying mantis rubbing its wings. Smoke rising up and writing “Shit” in the air. The lenses of sunglasses reflecting tongues that will touch moments later. Money falling from the bag, a lump of sugar dropping into a coffee heart. Froth. Sponge. Diamonds. Bling! Bling! Cheese. Pussies. Champagne. Pearls. Pills. Oysters. Now can we please fuck?

At first, his pictures are surfaces, awesome entertainment. Aquaria full of ornamental fish and predators. The instant you think you recognize something—a reference to this or that, influencers, 89,000 likes, Trump’s New America, the German government’s press briefing, millennials, you name it—it’s gone. Devoured, chewed up, digested. A great deal in his pictures literally goes up in smoke, in froth, in bubbles. The common denominator of Martin’s pictures is “liquidation.” His is a world of wax that melts away in your hands, that’s no longer tangible, no longer comprehensible. Post-internet neo-retro futurist high-speed acid surrealism on ice—shaken, not stirred.

If you immerse yourself, hold your breath, and pay attention to what you see and taste and smell and feel, you understand that, beneath the instant entertainment surface and the eighties colors and the manic gabbing, Martin has ensconced a timeless quiet that will outlast any zeitgeist. His compositions are classical, Old Masterly, only the characters are back from the future. The details are painted with precision; the chaos exists only in the mind of the beholder. But at bottom this is simply great painting.

— Frédéric Schwilden