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Rudolf Polanszky & Franz West

Press release

Rudolf Polanszky beleuchtet von F. West

At the invitation of Konrad Fischer Galerie, starting with this year’s Berlin Art Week, haubrok foundation will be showing works from the collection in the upper floor of the former power substation. For over a year now, exhibitions at Fahrbereitschaft have been forbidden by the Lichtenberg district government.

The first exhibition will open during Berlin Art Week 2019 and presents parallel to the works of Carl Andre in Galerie Konrad Fischer works by the Austrian artist Rudolf Polanszky and lamps by Franz West.

Both artists inspired one another. While West actively sought a successful career, Polanszky always refused, as in his work he wanted to »escape meaning «. This is why he remains unknown still today.

Rudolf Polanszky works with found, poor materials. Chance plays an important role in his work. But Polanszky goes a step further, some works emerge in darkness, others evening during sleep. But everything has an epistemological or even mathematical background. In the process, not only pig fat and spring drawings emerge, but also confusion sculptures or hyperbolic spaces.

Beside artworks in the classical sense, Franz West has created a wide range of furniture and lamps. The latter serve in our exhibition to move the relationship of the two artists to one another in the right light.