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Iman Issa

Press release

Iman Issa – Book of Facts

The art of Iman Issa (born in Cairo in 1979, lives in New York) deals with the possibilities of association and individual experience. With the tools of installation, sculpture, video, photography, and text, she studies the relationship between history, language, and the object in particular. In continuous studies, Issa uses a variety of forms, materials, and strategies to deconstruct things and on the other hand lacking subtexts, imaginations, and narratives to become visible.  But the artist does not reveal the respective source. All the same, descriptions and inscriptions of the original works are an important component of the work. Iman Issa’s sculptural reinterpretations study the act of perception itself and question the meaning of historical artifacts for the present. The exhibition Book of Facts at daadgalerie presents a series of sculptural works from the series ›Lexicon‹, the sound-installation ›The Revolutionary‹, and additional video and book works in the spaces of the two floors of the gallery.

Iman Issa, born in Cairo in 1979, lives and works in Berlin.