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Peter Tollens

Press release

Peter Tollens – ferrutx
In summer, life can seem light and easy. We wear light clothing, eat light dishes, go on holiday, live outside, and for a moment we feel liberated lrom all burdens. Balance is irnportant, we all need it, we need change to be able to think, feel, and perceive again 

The painter Peter Tollens gets it by switching from painting with oil paint he can use it in a very pastose fashion, then there is nothing fluid about it, and he works with hard brushes and palette knives to painting with watercolours, and by switching from painting on canvas, wood, or slate to painting on paper: hand-made paper of various thickness, but also cardboard or quite simple writing paper. 

At the end of the summer, we are happy to bring a light atmosphere and mood into our gallery space with his exhibition. 

The highly fluid watercolours make for a light brushstroke, the paper absorbs the paint very quickly, and only very few layers are required. 
A watercolour can be produced quite rapidly; the painter can reach for the brush and quickly capture an idea. A painting, on the other hand, requires preparation, the oil paint must dry, it grows slowly, and in the end, the process of its genesis, the many layers of paint that contributed to the end result are only visible at the rim. The watercolour, in contrast, is completely transparent, all layers ol paint are clearly visible, nothing is hidden Peter Tollens' watercolours seem like windows through which we look into an infinite space of colour, which either leads mysteriously into darkness or into light, or to the sea, a forest, or a flowering meadow. They open up rnany spaces lor us and invite us to enter them not just visually. They recall memories, of our childhood, of interchanges with nature how it was when we sat in the meadow, looked at the sea, went into the forest. Peter Tollens' watercolours bring back the magic. 

Peter Tollens (born in Kleve in 1954), after training as a colour lithogra­pher, studied painting with Stefan Wewerka at Fachhochschule Köln. His works have been presented in more than 300 solo and group exhibiti­ons, including at Städtisches Museum Haus Koekkoek, Kleve, Kolumba Art Museum of the Archdiocese Cologne, Kinderbuchmuseum at Burg Wissem in Troisdorf, Berkeley Art Museum, and Museum Wiesbaden. His works are in numerous private and public col/ections, including Kolumba Art Museum of the Archdiocese Cologne, Ege Kunst- und Kulturstiftung, Freiburg i.Br., Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, Karl-Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, and Sammlung Mondstu­dio, Bad Homburg.