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forms ain't formats

Press release

forms ain't formats

Felix Becker, Fabian Hub, Frank Moll,  Irina Ojovan, Yannick Riemer, Laura Sachs

Curated by Miriam Jesske

Loock Galerie is pleased to present six young artists in Berlin in the show "forms ain’t formats". All six have in common that they use the canvas as support and at the same time as an object of artistic enquiry. The result are paintings that might also be interpreted as drawings, collages, reliefs, assemblages, or even sculptures. Noticeable is that all works are rooted in the medium of painting and a fundamental trust in its possibilities. The artists in this show also have in common that they either recently graduated from art school, or are about to graduate. And that they already have international experience with gallery shows, art fair presentations, or artist-in-residence programs.