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Summer of Love

Press release

Summer of Love. Art, Fashion, and Rock and Roll

It was the climax of the hippie movement: In 1967 hundreds of thousands flocked to San Francisco to celebrate the Summer of Love. It was a time of profound changes, not only in society, but also in art, fashion, and music. Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, along with love and peace, participation became the watchword of an entire generation. The exhibition “summer of love: art, fashion, and rock and roll” brings to life these culturally and politically important years at the PalaisPopulaire. The visions of this era still influence our thinking and ideas about cohabitation today, from feminism and sexual revolution to the peace and environmental movement. The show, conceived by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, presents over 150 objects and documents from the legendary summer of 1967: psychedelic art, iconic rock posters, Flower Power fashion, rare photographs, and record covers. The light show created by Bill Ham made concerts of bands like Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead multimedia, multisensory events, which rave and techno would pick up on later. The ideals of the Summer of Love are topical again today. They impart a utopian spirit of renewal, particularly for a young generation that wants to takes its fate into its own hands and with protests and strikes embraces nonviolence, social justice, ecological awareness, and a new sense of community.