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Takeshi Makishima

Press release

Takeshi Makishima - Remain in Light (B) 

Takeshi Makishima (b. 1980 in Fukuoka, Japan) is a Düsseldorf-based artist.

Makishima has designed the exhibition to be shown in two consecutive parts. His images are pieces of the sea, painterly explorations of the sea, its inhabitants, its users, and our dreams and fantasies about the ocean.

Takeshi Makishima’s preferred techniques are drawing and painting.

He shows a certain interest in sculpture when he abandons two-dimensionality in his paintings through mixed techniques, or cuts his frames and canvases into non-rectangular shapes in order to achieve the desired expression of the image.

He works quickly when drawing. Makishima uses various media such as watercolor, ink, gouache, pastel, or graphite, and works on paper. 
Where the picture seems abstract, it is due to the gestural rendering of a precise observation, spontaneity becomes a moment of recollection. No matter how fast, his drawings still form sophisticated compositions. They stand alone; and if a motif is identified in the elaborated oil painting, the drawing is less a sketch and more a footnote or an addendum.

When painting Makishima works with large surfaces. He structures them with brushstrokes, in impressions of forest floors, wood, waves, or imagined underwater landscapes. He throws in a person, adds an animal, an item of furniture. He applies a coordinated palette of colors and shapes; he works with shading and shadows where his narrative requires them.