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Katrina Neiburga & Andris Eglitis

Press release

Katrina Neiburga & Andris Eglitis – PLAYGROUND – for accepting your mortality

The artist duo Katrīna Neiburga and Andris Eglītis, together with Jānis Noviks, have created an alchemist garden and sculptural playground for people in all ages to enjoy the summer. With PLAYGROUND they continue their interest in hybrid outdoor installations, where ruins, sculptures, bodies, stages and urban landscape merge. PLAYGROUND offers visitors an opportunity to playfully confront with their own presence and liveliness, but also mortality. As a reaction to the contemporary strive for »immortality« and eternal youth through the beauty industry, fitness and sport-mania as well as futurology or even the religious – e.g. Christian promise of immortality – the artists with this installation suggest a new modern setting inviting new rituals for enacting one’s own mortality.