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Kunst über Kunst

Press release

Kunst über Kunst​ 

Saâdane Afif, John M Armleder, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Sylvie Fleury, General Idea, Louise Lawler, Michel Majerus, Mathieu Mercier, Jonathan Monk, Giulio Paolini, Bernd Ribbeck / Salvo, Rob Scholte, Sturtevant, Wolfgang Tillmans

The exhibition KUNST ÜBER KUNST shows works—some dating back to the 1960s—that each thematically reflect the work of other artists. The references span straightforward quoting, acclaim, over-embellishment, association or outright appropriation. KUNST ÜBER KUNST certainly does not seek an encyclopaedic approach; instead, the exhibition explores the subject by means of select examples of contemporary art. 

Even though this artistic strategy may be seen as a typical phenomenon of Postmodernism, historically there has always been »internal« artistic referencing—direct copying or plain painterly studies are two such examples. Not in any way diminishing the vividness of the exhibition, the topic and focus of KUNST ÜBER KUNST is of a more conceptual nature. The presented artworks' origins are being approached from a broad variety of personal artistic positions. With their varying »sources« in mind, it is a shared intellectual and creative effort of contemporary positions to generate authentic, characteristic statements. Last but not least such interconnectedness with an external oeuvre often show a notable form of »collegial« respect, even revealing a particular form of admiration of their »original source«.