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Fictional Nature

Press release

Fictional Nature – Maximilian Arnold, Ørjan Einarsønn Døsen, Isabella Fürnkäs,Fabian Knecht, Keto Logua

What is nature? How is it perceived and understood? Which actions result from a particular perspective on nature, and how could they differ?

While the philosophy of idealism postulated ›wild‹ nature as the binary opposite of (human) culture, Alexander von Humboldt developed a holistic understanding of nature during his research travels in the 19th century. He conceived of the earth as a complex organism whose countless elements are all interlinked - and conceived of humans as part of these elements. At that time, European societies had long since begun harnessing their environment through massive interventions: an ongoing process that has put the planet’s ecological balance in a state of permanent crisis and at the same time opens up various future narratives.

As part of the program »Fictional Odyssey« at Bärenzwinger, the exhibition »Fictional Nature« shows four artistic positions that reflect on human conceptions of nature and the related narratives.