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Ursula Döbereiner & Klaus Killisch

Press release

Ursula Döbereiner & Klaus Killisch

The title of this exhibition series is related to the idea that a former gallery space will act as a temporary artist-run space, testing its own boundaries and approaching, in a playful way, the arguable assumption that a project space will never be a perfect white cube.

NOT SO A WHITE CUBE will take place at the temporary space LAGE EGAL [GW34/35], set up as sequences of each four exhibitions and comprising a selection of 6 artists, displayed over two months in one group exhibition and three bi-weekly duo presentations. 

In advance of each duo show, one artist will visit the studio of the other presented artist, along with the curator. In this sense, the exhibition series is both a solo presentation and a group exhibition in which the works will function as a conversation or dialogue basis, for more complicity than competition.