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Flying Steps & Osgemeos

Press release

Flying Steps & Osgemeos interpret Mussorgsky’s Picture at an Exhibition

How would pictures sound if they were music? What would they look like if dancers brought them to life? And what happens when contemporary artists inspire one another across boundaries of genre and fuse their various forms of art?

Picture at an Exhibition pursues the idea of mutual inspiration and interaction between different fields of art. The focus of Modest Mussorgsky’s famous 1874 composition is the first-person narrator, who strolls through a gallery space. The ten paintings he viewed on his walk through the exhibition embody various musical languages, each influenced by different styles and countries.

For the first time in nearly 150 years the FLYING STEPS transform this story into a visual movement. Dancers replace Mussorgsky’s first-person narrator in a choreography combining elements of urban and contemporary dance on a multidimensional stage viewable from various perspectives. This unique stage atmosphere provides the setting for the FLYING STEPS, one of the world’s most successful urban dance troupes, who in the last 10 years have delighted over a million viewers and are constantly taking on new challenges in their efforts to create unforgettable productions. Creative director Vartan Basil adds: “We guide the audience through the exhibition with dance and in the process bring Mussorgsky’s work to life.

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