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Antonia Hirsch

Press release

Antonia Hirsch – Absorbers

The exhibition Absorbers incorporates a group of new sculptures and prints that centre around the package debris and marketing formats of digital technologies’ hardware, namely the smart phones and monitors which serve as the physical interface of much of our work lives, personal communications, and geographical definitions. In considering the waste-driving byproducts of what is perhaps today’s most auratic object, the electronic screen, Hirsch takes up Styrofoam packaging and the printed advertisement as significant elements of the quotidian in the early twenty-first century. The resulting sculptures and prints attend to the physical and aesthetic presence of what is often uncritically dismissed as ephemera, asserting a corporality to both. The works exhibited at Decad connect with another recent body of sculptures by the artist that explores touch screens, and conjoins two of Hirsch’s persistent trajectories of inquiry—negative space as delineation and metaphor, and the influence of affect and exchange on representation.