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Sejla Kameric

Press release

Sejla Kameric – We come with a bow

Šejla Kamerić is considered one of the most important artists of her generation in Southeast Europe.

Known for her highly political work, she has received widespread acclaim for her poignant intimacy and social commentary. Her work takes us to spaces of displacement and discrimination and insists that the delicate and the sublime are not pushed aside by catastrophe or hardship. Rather, they exist simultaneously, revealing a complex, psychogeographic landscape and the tenacity of the human spirit. The sadness and beauty, the hope and pain that emerge, are part of the stories we share. The weight of her themes stand in powerful contrast to her particular aesthetics and choice of delicate materials.

The exhibition We come with a bow builds on the artist's body of work, focussing on self-portraits, feminism and gender stereotypes that have always been dominant in her practice. Some of the new works on view are painfully personal, but they always try to reach a collective experience. Included in this exhibition is her monumental self-portrait Embarazada from 2015 which has not yet been shown in Berlin.