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A Temporality

Press release

A Temporality

Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar with the participation of traditional Mongolian throat singers and Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto)

Curated by Gantuya Badamgarav

Mongolia Pavilion will present a unique, cross-disciplinary project entitled “a Temporality”, which involves Mongolian artist E.Jantsankhorol, 4 throat singers from National Philharmonic Orchestra and famous German artist Carsten Nicolai, known as Alva Noto. The idea of the project was developed, curator Gantuya says, basing on Mongolian “experimental singing tradition”, practiced by Mongolian nomads for centuries for communicating with nature and animals. Sounds differed depending on the environment and evolved minds, bodies and spirits of people. Such traditions include throat singing and long song, listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Nowadays interaction between human-being and nature is almost extinct and we have created human-made environment surrounding us, like concrete blocks, glasses, panels and asphalts to interact with. A Temporality will emulate Mongolian “experimental singing tradition” in contemporary form. Mongolian artist E.Jantsankhorol will create a contemporary environment, where artists can interact with physical objects and spaces and perform emitting various sounds using techniques of traditional singing.