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Anne Neukamp

Press release

Anne Neukamp – ALT-MOA-BIT

On the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019, Gregor Podnar is pleased to present its third solo exhibition of Anne Neukamp, which features the artist's latest series of paintings and inaugurates the gallery’s new premises at Alt-Moabit 110 in Berlin.

Referencing familiar symbols, popular icons, and imagery from contemporary screen life, Neukamp plays in her works with mechanisms of visual understanding. Images that have been originally devised to transmit instant information, are in Neukamp’s works rendered ineffective and fundamentally ambiguous. They are tilted, enlarged, multiplied, and turned into enigmatic silhouettes, which absorb the viewer into a puzzling decryption game. The oscillation between luminous three-dimensional forms and flat monochromatic surfaces furthers a sense of ambiguity and frees the graphic forms from any ties to their previous contexts. While certain fragments encourage faint identification, the moment of actual recognition continually eludes the viewer.

Anne Neukamp (b. 1976, Düsseldorf, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.