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Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven

Press release

Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven – Unweit von Dir

Anne-Mie was inspired by a love letter by Ludwig Wittgenstein, where she found the expression Unweit von Dir (2019) to create her most recent work. What is striking in this work, owing to pictorial abstraction and digital concretion is the use of four intense shades of red. If we go back to Lefebvre, this work shows itself as a recording of various impulses, which are mutually dependent in a linear and planar way. In "The Critique of the Thing" (cited several times from the AMVK in the works to be seen in the exhibition), Lefebvre asks for the general concept of rhythm. His proposal is not to start from the existing, but to begin with the concept. The duality of concept and abstraction – the latter ultimately arising from the figure – underlies AMVK's understanding of art in general, in the sense, I think, of “Unweit“ or "Not Far" as well: a description of proximity that, through the circulatory I-you-reference of "you" and "near" / "not far", spoken from the subjective perspective of the artist's ego, closing into one.